Install Modem Esia Cyrus MC400 (Troubleshoot)

A few days ago, a friend of mine bought a modem-bundled locked cell edition, it's Cyrus MC400 with Esia Max-D as the cellular vendor. On her laptop, O.S.ed Windows 7, she couldn't install the modem software (application). What has gone wrong, she asked herself and me. 

Ahh.. cut the crap! and too suckin' long story to tell..... There must be trouble installing the modem or application software, which in this case, is the the unavailable drivers on Windows - it may happens to both versions of XP and 7 (I dunno 'bout any other OS).

It's about the driver installation. Check the Device Manager of the computer, when it's found for some Exclamation signs or Question marks on them, then, it is indeed, troublesome. Modem Cyrus MC400 is actually pretty nice, and also the interface on the PC, but when it comes to trouble? zzz....zzz....

Let's cut the crap, again!.. Here's how-to troubleshoot the modem error installation of modem Cyrus MC400 (I dunno, again, 'bout any other models of such modem)... Install for the drivers, by downloading through these following 5 driver packages:


On the exclamated points, choose Update Driver - or anything that tells to do something about it, choose each package you've downloaded (you must download all of 'em), one-by-one, untill the whole exclamation sign points have disappearing - that it means the troubles have been shot.

In case it comes with no change, the auto-running software must have an 'inducement' by entering the Windows Explorer (Win + D) --> Tools --> Folder Options (XP) or Organize --> Folder and search options (7), then choose to display Hidden file and Hidden protected operating system file. For you to view the containing drive of the Modem. You should find the driver or executable file, then just double-click to execute the installation. End-up here! If it still work not out, then, try to insert a multimedia card (micro-SD card) into the modem unit.

Well, if you can't, still, get no satisfying result.. you can leave me a comment to let me see what I can do about it. Since I, get sick about this suck, when I asked for help to the operator/vendor, they just told me to bring it to their hands. If I could have time or chance paying them a visit, but when I'm pretty busy.. what could I do about it, beside I tried myself to get rid the trouble, then I've found it.

..I'm giving myself for an applause :)

I don't wanna mention about the package of subscribing the internet over this max-D, since it'll be look-alike a fact, I ain't got nothing to do with such stuff.. just for sharing the knowledge!

And the left image belongs to
since I didn't take the photo of mine 'coz I've got no time, but it looks just like this, the Cyrus MC400 white skin, while browsing thru' int'net to pick the similar model, there're just the black skinned.

Hope that it is a helpful posting for anybody out there who has the same trouble.


  1. bos link nya mati, di upload ke indowebster/ mediafire aja coba

  2. ..kok bisa? saya cek sendiri, ngga ada masalah kok, gan.. try again, saya blm sempat check-in hosting lainnya nih, tapi kalo emang saya sempet, saya post link nya ya. thanks 4 dropping by

  3. gw instal di xp, 7 ultimate gak ada masalah detect...

  4. memang suck ini modem buka 1 halaman habis itu Zzz

  5. gan, ada settingan config file (.bin) cyrus-mc400 buat router tp-link tl3220 ga gan? ga kompatibel nih modem. kudu upload file bin-nya

    1. woo masalahnya sama, sekarang udah bisa kompatibel belum cyrus-mc400 dg roter tplink tl3220nya?

    2. ..blm dpt clue nya gan, dan impossible sy coba sndiri krn sy ngga punya TPLinknya :D "keep on googling aja gan" :)

    3. Bisa ,ga harus pake file bin.. Cukup ganti kartu pake smartfren... Seting apn pake smartfren... Jalan dah di tplink tl3220 itu sih pengalaman saya

  6. ..blm pny, bos.. ntar ya klo emg ada/dpt, sy kabarin disini. thanx 4 dropping by

  7. ini bisa langsung download satu paket driver modem esia max-d Cyrus MC400
    copy - paste link dibawah ke browser dan enter.

  8. ..nah tuh bs dcoba link dari agan anes

  9. Saya sdh korban 3 modem type MC400...
    awal instal Oke, dibawah 1 bln smuanya eror mas bro... lasannya adl:
    1 modem lampunya remangt-remang ga bs jln lg
    2 modem lg lampu oke, tp kartu ruim ga ke deteksi?

    bs dibantu? ruim smua baru bawaan paket... dicek di hp jg oke
    Mhn dibantu kl tau ya mas bro... tks

  10. kalau modem buat internetan, saya rasakan baik-baik saja.
    namun pernah dua atau tiga kali atau beberapa kali gitu sms bermasalah.
    saya kirim 3 sms ke 3 orang yg berbeda, lalu saya tanyakan ke 2 orang tersebut, ga sampai/ga ada sms katanya. ga tahu salah ketik nomor atau bgmn.

    o ya gan, bisa/punya driver buat fungsiin/nampilin dashboard/interface voice call ga buat modem mc400 ini.

  11. thanks bro.. i'm experiencing the same problem with xp

  12. gan, ane baru beli modem esia max-d, tp kok pas dicolok k lepi gak ngaruh sama sekali. dan sampe skrg driver nya gak keluar gan ? mslhnya apa yah ? windows ane ato modem nya ?

  13. @YY: blm tau gan.. soalnya yg di sy msh ok2 saja.. mungkin pas dptnya unit brg yg sbnrnya gak lulus QC dr pabrikan.. bs sampe 3 pcs ya.. sorry can't help :(

  14. @ pengurus situs : modem esia biasanya gitu..walau ada fitur utk sms tp sering gagal kirim.. kyknya cm "formalitas" fitur sms di aplikasi/unit nya. jd overall..utk modem keluaran esia, better jgn tlalu berharap banyak utk fitur slain koneksi int'net

  15. @ gadis ajaib : coba masuk ke control panel windowsnya, trus cek ada driver yg berexclamasi (tanda ! atau ?) ngga? kalo ada, klik-kanan di driver tsb trus pilih properties atau lagsg update driver nya --> pilih lokasi file2 driver di drive USB tercoloknya itu modem, ikuti step-by-step (kalo nongol prtanyaan lanjut/ngga, pilih Install this driver anyway).. biasanya metode spt itu berhasil..


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